Encounter 2017 @ Bighorn


We are excited to announce our new middle school summer camp this year; Encounter @ Camp Bighorn. Through out the Gospels we read of many people's encounters with Jesus. Be it the Samaritan woman at the well, Nicodemus, or any number of the people healed by Jesus; all of their lives were drastically changed after an encounter with Jesus. Whether at Tall Timber, or Camp Bighorn our hope and prayer for the students that attend summer camp is that Jesus would meet them there and that they would allow Him to change their lives forever. This summer we are going to a new location with the same great people and same vision, and now we have given it a name. Please join me August 14-19 for Encounter @ Camp Bighorn!

  • $250Student
  • $125Student Leader
  • $0Adult Leader
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Event Details

  • Aug 14
    7:00 am
    Aug 19
    7:00 pm
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